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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Living Well Is The Best Revenge, But Where?

Bloomberg News reports NJ retains its crown as tops for national property taxes. The 2011 average was just over $7,750, up 20% since 2009, and 66% since 2001, though slowed to a 2.4% gain over 2o1o by a Christie 2 percent cap that went into effect last year. Inflation risk, along with market risk and […]

How the Financial Services Industry Sees Retirement Readiness

January 27 Market Watch Retirement Weekly quotes these large financial services company executives on the state of retirement: [list style=”orb” color=”blue”] David Deming, Dimensional Retirement (Dimensional Funds): “First, we need to move the eligible age for Social Security payments to 69…Another beneficial change would be to alter the current  [FICA taxable] income limits from $100,000 to […]

2011 AARP Medicare and Tri-State Social Security Fact Sheets

Arm yourself with some of the facts so you are better prepared to support viable choices this political season that have a direct impact on your current or planned retirement lifestyle. The two major federal transfer programs, Social Security and Medicare, are the central focus for federal budget reform as political campaigns heat up on […]

Beware the Head Fake

A jest if not a full-blown parody, and fun for that, Bespoke’s blog post “Is the Superbowl the Biggest Obstacle Now Facing the Market” also casts some sidelight on the weakness in much of what passes as serious technical and even some fundamental security analysis. The short post strings together these nuggets of data mining: [list style=”orb” […]

Rate On, Rate Off

The S&P 500 has been on a steady up-swing since the beginning of the year. The Treasury yield curve has also been slanting up, the long rate back up over 3% from a record low in December, as Treasuries begin to fall in price with money moving into equities. (See this nifty interactive historic yield […]

Retirement Fund Recovery

The Urban Institute, which hosts a site dedicated to non-partisan retirement policy research, posted a year-end update of retirement account balances. Total retirement account balances fell about 31% or $2.7 trillion in Q1 2009, the market bottom of the recent financial crisis, from the pre-cash peak total in Q3 2008 of $8.7 trillion. The good […]

The Shifting Flow of Capital

A couple recent reports give some indication that the world of investing continues to change. Investment News reports that while total assets under management in the advisory industry has recovered above re-2008 crash levels to $11.2 trillion, four big brokerages, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Wells Fargo, have lost a trillion dollars in client assets […]

HSA’s and Taxes

One of the age-old myths of retirement planning is that your taxes will be so much less when you’re retired that they will not be as serious a planning issue as when you were working. This has certainly been part of the selling of 401k/403b and IRA tax-deferred accounts. There are, however, a few tax-traps […]

The Investment Answer Book

There are a number of straightforward, short books about investing that I recommend as good reads for the layman or average investor. Short as in well-written, clear, with understandable explanations of complex concepts, while not thick enough to use for flattening fall leaves. Working your way through 600 pages on finance and investing, you’ll be […]