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Monthly Archives: February 2012

DEM, The Value Bellwether

The emerging middle class referenced last week is both the effect and the cause of the continuing evolution of global markets. Thomas Friedman notes that the most highly evolved global businesses no longer talk about ‘outsourcing.’ That’s so 42 seconds ago in a 4G world. Instead, he posits, there is no in- or out- anymore. […]

The Emerging Middle Class

This slide from a Calamos webinar today on Emerging Markets highlights the major economic driver of the rising Asian middle class ex-Japan. The graphic shows the Asian middle class slice of global middle class consumption growing over the next 35 years from about 20% (10% Japan + 10% other Asia)  to close to 70%, with Japan […]

Why Wouldn’t You Play It Safe?

Sure, it’s only money, but it’s your money, and it isn’t getting any easier to get more of it. Zvi Bodie is a Boston U professor and advocate of risk-free retirement income and retirement planning. He and co-author Rachelle Taqqu have a new book out, Risk Less and Prosper, and he was interviewed recently by […]

Guide to the Markets Look-See

Statistics, damnable lies that they are, are a lot more interesting as pictures, i.e. charts and graphs. J.P. Morgan has published its Q1 2012 Guide to the Markets, which has 59 pages of charts and graphs, and narry a word except the source data under each one. (If mere looking is not enough, and you […]

Gains and Growth in Emerging Markets

After a half-year slipping away, emerging markets have sprung back to life in the new year. VWO, Vanguard’s emerging market ETF, is up 14.8% YTD, twice the gain of the S&P, which at 1350 is itself pushing towards a new interim high since its peak in Oct. 2007. [imageeffect type=”frame” width=”600″ height=”200″ alt=”” url=”http://www.lonierfinancial.com/uploads/2012/02/vwo-spx-ytd.jpg” ] […]

FINRA to Review Suitability of Yield-Chasing

In the low-interest world we inhabit, yield is investment sugar, can’t get enough of it. Broker reps have an array of commissioned products with relatively high yields that appeal to the yield-starved, but which may not pass even the most cursory broker’s ‘suitability’ test for those who need low-risk steady income, such as those approaching […]