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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Pre-retirement – Shifting Gears

In the 5-10 years before retirement you begin to shift gears. If you’ve been following a lifetime financial plan, by this time you should have a sizeable and growing investment account that’s spread across risky and less-risky assets in a way that is well suited to your goals and resources. Your investments are growing at […]

Shaping a Prudent Investment Strategy

Last time we said that idle money loses value, so you need to put it to work. That’s why you invest, so your savings will grow in value over time. At today’s rates, the traditional safe methods, bank savings accounts, CDs, and money markets, offer negative real (after subtracting inflation) returns. In order to put […]

The Market’s Turning Down—Now What?

The Dow and S&P 500 have now both broken below their 50-day moving averages, down over 4% from last week’s 52-week highs. After five down days, many of the popular momentum indicators are trending lower. So if you’re following this, what to do now? You can see, surely, the problem with market timing. There really […]

Getting Back in the ‘Vanguard’

With the market within hailing distance of a new all-time high, on top of a 12% gain in the past three months, snake-bit investors and savers are beginning to think about equities again. The Atlantic recently posted “Smart Investing is Easier Than You Think,” making some good points about fund costs and asset allocations. One […]