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July 2012 – The Financial Preserve from Lonier Financial Advisory LLC
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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Getting a Grip on Medigap Insurance for Medicare

Increasing healthcare expense is clearly a major concern for everyone, but especially for those nearing or in retirement. I’ve posted two useful guides to the Resources section of the LFA site for your reference, the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services 2012 guide to Choosing A Medigap Policy and a helpful Health Insurance Buyer’s […]

Can I Afford to Retire?

Can I afford to retire? How much do I need? When can I retire? These are the big questions we all struggle with when retirement age approaches. Obviously enough, there’s no do-over, either for the years saving and preparing for retirement, or after you pull the trigger—you’ll be hard pressed to get your old job […]

Is 70 The New Retirement Age?

A recent study from Boston College suggests than only about half of today’s households are ready to retire—can afford to retire—at 65. Working longer and delaying retirement to age 70 would increase that readiness to 85%, picking up an additional 35% of households. The central readiness issue, according to the study, is that half of […]

Quick Reference Guides Added to LFA LLC Website

Recently five quick reference guides covering retirement plan contributions, Social Security benefits, and Medicare were added to the LFA website. The guides are  two pages, front and back of a letter side card, covering contribution limits for various plans, federal tax brackets, Social Security benefits eligibility by age, tax thresholds, beneficiary info, and Medicare costs, […]

Household Spending And Your Retirement Plan

Your current and future household expenses are the fulcrum for your lifetime financial plan. Getting you savings and expenses lined up and in balance is the gateway to a secure retirement. Last time (“Retirement Planning 101: Getting Your Bearings”) we covered the role your household balance sheet plays in locating your family’s lifestyle and not your […]

Retirement Planning 101: Getting Your Bearings

Planning starts with figuring out where you stand and in what direction you are facing. In lifetime financial planning, we start with your family balance sheet to get your bearings. In the previous post in this series, “Charting Your Retirement Lifestyle,” I charted the differences between some typical retirement lifestyles that underlie your retirement goals. Here […]

Charting Your Retirement Lifestyle

In the last post, “It’s Not Your Father’s ‘Retirement’ If It Ever Was”, I talked about three basic retirement lifestyles based on whether you choose to continue working, and if so, part or full-time. Here is a chart that shows some of the similarities and differences between these lifestyles. As time goes on, you may […]

It’s Not Your Father’s ‘Retirement’ If It Ever Was

We don’t even know what to call it. ‘Retirement’ sounds so…finito. It took Bret Farve two tries to…retire. Mick Jagger, who said he would rather be dead than singing ‘Satisfaction’ when he is 45, is 68 and still not…retired. Bob Dylan set us up for this when he wrote ‘Forever Young’ back in 1973, when […]