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About – The Financial Preserve from Lonier Financial Advisory LLC
Conscientious Financial Planning and Retirement Income Management | 201-741-9528
from Lonier Financial Advisory LLC, Osprey, FL


I’m Michael Lonier, RMA(sm), a lifetime financial planner and retirement income specialist.

Lifetime Financial Planning and Retirement Income Management
My planning approach puts you and your family’s life style, not your investment portfolio, at the center of the planning process. I focus on reliable outcomes, not hopeful expectations of beating the market.

Lifetime planning joins your earnings and savings with your goals and the prudent management of the unique set of risks that you face to build and maintain your household living standard.

This approach allows us to begin your retirement income planning at an early age when simple steps to secure your retirement income are much cheaper than later on in life.

Securing your life style over a potential 30-year retirement is the most difficult goal you face. It is the lifetime goal of a good financial plan, and the focus of my practice. It is never too soon—or too late—to start or re-organize your retirement plan.

My focus on your lifetime living standard and secure retirement income differs from the traditional financial planning process.

Many planners focus on investing and put your investment portfolio rather than your family’s lifestyle at the center of their process. They advise you to build your portfolio through long-term exposure to market risk and volatility. Then in a retirement that may last 30-years, you ‘spend-down’ (liquidate) your portfolio. The probability that your portfolio will last that long depends on how little you need to spend and how well the market does. These are the hopeful expectations of traditional planning, which have been undermined over the past decade by low market returns, market volatility, inflation, and lengthening retirements.

Instead, lifetime planning starts with building a secure future income floor. Only when your life style is secured by a risk-free or low-risk income floor do we begin building an upside portfolio exposed to market risk—consistent with your capacity to absorb that risk without crashing your lifestyle.

Everyone’s personal balance sheet is different, so your lifetime plan is based on your earnings, savings, and lifestyle. Your secure income flooring and upside portfolio, likewise, are based on your household financial situation. A cookie-cutter investment portfolio, no matter how well it is balanced (‘risk-adjusted’), will not provide the financial security that you will derive from a personal lifetime financial plan built with a secure floor and a discretionary upside.

Why Consider My Services
These are some of the reasons to consider my services:

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  • I provide lifetime financial planning. My approach joins your earnings and savings with your goals and the prudent management of the unique set of risks that you face to build and maintain your household living standard, with secure retirement income planning.
  • I’m independent. I am fully aligned with your best interests and work exclusively for your benefit. I am not owned by, work for, or affiliated with any bank, brokerage, financial or insurance company, or any other third-party.
  • I’m commission-free. I provide professional services, like an attorney or a CPA. I don’t sell securities, insurance, or financial products, so my planning is focused entirely on your best interests. I work only for you. You know exactly what your costs are and what they are for because you see and approve them.
  • I’m your trusted partner. As a Registered Investment Advisor, my company and I uphold a higher duty of care and prudence than is required from brokerage reps/financial advisors, bank advisors, and insurance agents. As a fiduciary, I always put your best interests ahead of my own.
  • I’m committed to low-cost financial strategies. I offer prudent, low-cost investment advice and management. I use a full suite of Internet tools to make my services as efficient, low-cost, and focused on your needs as I can. These include online planning and portfolio management tools and low-cost online custodial brokerages like Scottrade and Vanguard for your investment accounts.
  • I’m focused on you. I can be your coach, providing a plan and guidance, or your quarterback, helping you each step of the way, executing your plan, or a mix in between, whatever works best for you. I offer low-cost services, via a simple annual retainer fee.


I sit on your side of the table. I help you make better choices.

About My Practice
Lonier Financial Advisory LLC is a new professional services practice. I have an office in a building on Franklin Turnpike near the high school in Ramsey, which I use for client meetings, though I will meet with you wherever it is most convenient for you, including online.

I am building this new practice based on trusted relationships and prudent, smart, dedicated service, one client at a time. Each client—you!—are very important to me.

I have completed Boston University’s innovative Retirement Management program and have received the RMA (Retirement Management Analyst) designation, indicating that I meet the standards set forth by the Retirement Income Industry Association (www.RIIA-USA.org).

I am a member and support the mission of the RIIA, which is to provide unbiased information, data, research, and standards for successful retirement income management.

As a registered investment adviser representative, I have passed the required Series 65 Investment Adviser Exam and uphold the fiduciary standard that puts you and your family’s best interests ahead of my own. I don’t sell securities or financial products, and don’t receive commissions or fees from any third parties.

I started this advisory practice after a successful career as a corporate executive, planning and managing capital investments in advanced technology within publishing enterprises. For a decade I also worked as an independent consultant, advising publishing enterprises on strategic technology investments and implementations.

I have both an undergraduate (University of Notre Dame) and masters degree (University of Florida) in the arts. For ten years I taught as an adjunct at FIT-SUNY and Ramapo College and am a dedicated photographer. I spent nine years as a trustee and then Vice President of the Ramsey Free Public Library Board of Trustees, involved in all aspects of the Library’s strategic plan and recently completed renovation. I have lived in Ramsey with my family for 27 years.

Contact me via email, the contact form, or phone (201-741-9528). I’ll be happy to meet you and talk about your goals and your concerns, and how I might help you make better choices. There is no charge or obligation for these initial discussions.