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Michael Lonier, RMA℠ – The Financial Preserve from Lonier Financial Advisory LLC
Conscientious Financial Planning and Retirement Income Management | 201-741-9528
from Lonier Financial Advisory LLC, Osprey, FL

Michael Lonier, RMA℠

I am a goals-based financial planner and retirement income specialist. My services organize and clarify your financial life, and help you gain the confidence, peace of mind, and resources needed to reach your goals and live your life more fully. I help people thinking about retirement, nearing retirement, or in retirement create plans that protect their lifestyle from the many risks that threaten it.

My planning approach puts you and your family’s life style, not your investment portfolio, at the center of the planning process. I focus on reliable outcomes, not hopeful expectations of beating the market. This approach allows us to begin your retirement income planning at an early age when simple steps to secure your retirement income are much cheaper than later on in life.

I follow the RMA℠ (Retirement Management Advisor) method for retirement planning. We work together to create your household balance sheet from your expected income and expenses–your lifestyle goals. We use the balance sheet to determine how well your expected income and savings covers your goals in retirement, and how much of your savings we need to allocate to risk-free investments to cover your lifestyle and how much you can safely invest above this lifestyle floor for long-term growth and legacy.

I’m committed to low-cost financial strategies. I offer prudent, low-cost investment advice and management. I use a full suite of Internet tools to make my services as efficient, low-cost, and focused on your needs as I can. These include online planning and portfolio management tools and low-cost online custodial brokerage services at Vanguard for your investment accounts.

The Financial Preserve at Lonier Financial Advisory LLC is a Florida Registered Investment Advisor. I am a fee-only independent financial planner, obligated to uphold the fiduciary standard that puts your best interests ahead of my own.

Investment advisers are not registered representatives (stockbrokers), and I do not sell securities, insurance, or any other financial products, or receive any commissions or other compensation from anyone except you my client for any recommendations that I may make.

You, your family, and your goals are at the center of my planning work, not your investment account.

I started Lonier Financial Advisory LLC in 2011 after a 33-year career as a corporate executive in the publishing industry, planning and managing capital investments in advanced technology within publishing enterprises and running publishing operations for Time Inc., Thomson Medical Economics, US News and World Report/The Daily News, and The Deal LLC. 

I earned the Retirement Management Advisor (RMA℠) designation by completing Boston University’s innovative Retirement Management program and passing the RMA℠ exam, which is administered by the Investment & Wealth Institute, an independent professional association that provides advanced education and standards for financial advisors, investment consultants, and wealth managers.

Through my association work, I have developed R-MAP Planner™, a spreadsheet application based on the RMA planning process, as a tool for lifecycle financial planners to evaluate and create a financial plan for clients. R-MAP™ is a pioneering tool for managing household savings and investments that is based on the strength of the household balance sheet and not on the arbitrary allocation formulas or unreliable “risk tolerance” questionnaires used by the investment management industry.

My education is in the arts. I earned a BFA from the University of Notre Dame and a MFA from the University of Florida, both in creative photography. For ten years, I taught photography as an adjunct professor at FIT-SUNY and at Ramapo College, and remain a dedicated photographer. For nine years, I served as a trustee and then Vice President of the Ramsey (NJ) Free Public Library Board of Trustees, involved in all aspects of the Library’s strategic plan and 2011 renovation. I live in Osprey, FL, on the southern edge of Sarasota, where I am president of The Oaks Club.

> Contact me via email, the contact form here, or phone (201-741-9528) at your convenience. I have clients all over the country and am happy to talk about your goals and your concerns, and how I might be of assistance. There is no charge or obligation for these initial discussions.