Conscientious Financial Planning and Retirement Income Management | 201-741-9528
from Lonier Financial Advisory LLC, Osprey, FL

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Premium Theme. Premium Features.

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Absolutely Responsive
Credence is built with the latest technology to display nicely on all of your devices.
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Clean Code
Designed with clean code and current technology to give your visitors a smooth experience.
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Drag & Drop
Build your pages and posts with ease and quickly with intuitive drag and drop interfaces.
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Theme Support
Documentation, Narrated videos, Support forums, Feature request all part of a premium theme.
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Automatic Updates
Get the latest and greatest features, plugins, and fixes when they become available with a single click.
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Theme Options
Powerful and Fast theme options panel.  Organized in logical sections and intuitive choices.
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Latest Posts
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[shvc_testimonialc adapt=”false”][shvc_testimonial bgcolor=”#ffffff” name=”Debi Stangeland”]I consider CREDENCE the Ferrari of WP themes. It’s unbelievable. It is so responsive and the options are virtually unlimited.
The more I play with this theme, the more I love it. My site is amazingly professional looking, with quality elements that are powerful and effective and yet, it is simple to set-up, use, and change.
I couldn’t ask for anything more in a theme. This is one I’ll use for a long time because of it’s flexibility.[/shvc_testimonial][shvc_testimonial bgcolor=”#ffffff” name=”Don Niam”]Going to add to a previous review and officially say this is my number one theme. I have several themes from Mojo and based on quality coding and EXCELLENT TOP NOTCH SUPPORT, this theme overall tops them all. The design and features are great!
Thanks for staying ontop of updates and support![/shvc_testimonial][shvc_testimonial bgcolor=”#ffffff” name=”Credence Owner”]First time using WordPress…. After previewing MANY Themes, I chose this theme based on look and features. I am Extremely pleased with my decision…. Love this Theme and my new site!! Excellent support and fast. Thanks!![/shvc_testimonial][/shvc_testimonialc][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/shvc_colorbg][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column]

Clean Design & Future Ready.

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Modern Device Support
Use video elements and backgrounds, parallax effects, fixed backgrounds and animations.  Built ready for modern technology.
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Modern Browser Support
Credence is ready for modern browsers.  Designed using cutting edge CSS3 and HTML5 standards, your site will look great!
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Latest Technology
We have integrated the latest WordPress best practices and Web technologies to bring you the finest theme ever!
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