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My Fees For Professional Services – The Financial Preserve from Lonier Financial Advisory LLC
Conscientious Financial Planning and Retirement Income Management | 201-741-9528
from Lonier Financial Advisory LLC, Osprey, FL

My Fees For Professional Services

Lifetime financial planning, retirement income management, and other planning services are provided as professional services. Since I do not sell securities or insurance products, my fees are solely for these professional services. There are no sales charges or commissions, hidden or otherwise. Here is a list of my basic services and fees:

[accordion ] [panel title=”Entry-Level Lifetime Financial Planning Services” ]

You may want to begin Lifetime Planning with more modest and specific services rather than doing a full Lifetime plan all at once. For example, depending on where you are in your career, choosing the most suitable combination of funds for your situation in your employer-sponsored plan or planning how and when it is best for you and your spouse to claim Social Security are excellent entry points to Lifetime Planning. These entry points can be a simpler way way to begin the Lifetime Planning process and a solid base for additional planning as you go along.

The choices you make about how much to save and how to invest your savings in your employer’s sponsored plan, and at what age and how to claim Social Security benefits can make tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars difference in the amount of money you have available during retirement from your savings and Social Security benefits. These are key choices that have a huge impact on the lifestyle you can sustain in retirement.

[highlight type=”one”]Maxing Your Employer-Sponsored  401(k)/403(b) Plan[/highlight]

This service is for those in early or mid-career who are saving for retirement through employer-sponsored plans.

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Retirement-safe saving rate calculation
  • Optimized investment plan based on your goals and plan options
  • Twice-a-year checkups and rebalancing


Initial fee: $350.00/year, $250/year thereafter.

[highlight type=”one”]Your Social Security Claiming Strategy[/highlight]

This service is for those nearing retirement age and planning their retirement income strategy.

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Social Security within your overall retirement funding plan
  • Trade-offs working while collecting SS
  • When best to claim as an individual or couple
  • Your taxes and Social Security
  • Medicare and health insurance considerations


One-time fee: $250.00

[/panel] [panel title=”Lifetime Financial and Retirement Income Planning“]

Comprehensive written Lifetime Financial Plan

This is a comprehensive program that provides a roadmap for a lifetime of earning, saving, and investing to build and sustain your lifestyle and meet your financial goals. It is not a thick printout that you read once and put in a drawer, but a living plan that changes year-to-year, guiding you through life’s changes towards your financial goals.

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Income, expenses, and family balance sheet analysis
  • Lifetime savings and investment plan for retirement funding and other major goals
  • 529 plans and saving for college tuition
  • Employer-sponsored plan—401(k), 403(b)—optimization
  • Future retirement income and expense forecast
  • Safe saving rate for retirement income
  • Savings and investment tax efficiency
  • Insurance and estate review
  • Retirement planning timed to your age and career path,whether early, mid-career, pre-retirement, or retired
    • Guidance while transitioning into retirement
    • Social Security claiming strategy
    • Savings-to-income conversion plan
    • 401(k), 403(b)) roll-over, lump sum, and investment options
    • Social Security, working in retirement, and taxes
    • Healthcare expenses and long-term care plan
    • Managing income and expenses in retirement


This service also includes periodic personal follow-up to help you stay on course

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Quarterly checkups and annual financial plan update
  • Progress towards savings and retirement goals
  • Annual year-end savings and investment tax review
  • Annual insurance estate review
  • Your questions answered and assistance available anytime


Initial fee: $850.00 with $85.00/month annual retainer thereafter for a typical plan, billable monthly or quarterly, via check, credit card, or quarterly investment account deduction (depending on custodian).

[/panel] [panel title=”Retirement Income Savings and Investment Management” ]

The Lifetime planning process includes your unique savings and investment plan for secure retirement income that is based on your lifestyle and household balance sheet. During your working career your savings and investment plan might be a risk-adjusted balanced portfolio of stock and bond funds, but as retirement nears and your savings increase, it may make sense to begin shifting some of your funds to more secure options, such as ladders of individual Treasury, municipal, and corporate bonds, income annuities, CDs, and other low-risk income vehicles.

You can follow the guidance provided for savings and investment in your Lifetime Financial Plan and manage your investments yourself. If you would prefer professional help setting up and managing your custodial investment account, I can manage your investment account for you, according to the plan’s investment policy. Many people find that professional management following a prudent investment policy allows them to stay on course when the market becomes turbulent, improving their possibility of long-term success. Whichever approach you prefer and feel most comfortable with is fine. My fees for this service are quite reasonable compared to typical management fees.

Implementation and Management of Your Lifetime Savings and Investment Plan

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • A unified personal investment policy analysis across all of your accounts based on your Lifetime plan
  • Necessary portfolio restructuring according to your investment policy
  • Savings and investment plan for retirement funding and other major goals
  • Investment management or advisement across all of your accounts, according to account type and your investment policy
  • Aggregated performance benchmarking and monitoring
  • Periodic rebalancing according to your investment policy
  • Risk management according to your investment policy
  • Investment management for discretionary accounts (tax-advantaged or taxable) that I manage for you
  • Written investment guidance (advisement) for accounts that you manage or which are held-away by other firms that are part of your Lifetime plan


Account management fee:  .25% of all financial assets in your Lifetime plan, whether under management or advisement, subject to a $125/quarter minimum fee, billable quarterly based on the quarterly average total, via check, credit card, or investment account deduction (depending on custodian). Typical investment managers charge 1.00% of assets.

As an example, a $500,000 401(k), a $300,000 IRA, and a $500,000 taxable account, regardless of where held or managed, would be assessed a total quarterly fee of $812.50 for management and/or advisement services.

[/panel] [panel title=”Everyday Financial Advice ” ]

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, who can give you an impartial, unbiased view, or who can work through the numbers for you. Does it make sense to re-finance your mortgage? Should you buy or lease that new car? How to handle a windfall like a bonus or inheritance? Should your aging parents make a gift real of estate or pass it via their will? Should you do a Roth IRA conversion, and if so, how much? How best to handle a pile of credit card debt? Saving for college?

Financial matters are increasingly complex, and sometimes a simple decision turns out to have significant dollar consequences. I’m here to help with any financial questions you have.

These kinds of questions and advice are part of the Lifetime Financial Plan annual retainer arrangement. But if you haven’t gone through the Lifetime planning process yet or are just starting out with the 401(k) Max Plan or Social Security Claiming Strategy services, I can still help with everyday financial questions, charging an hourly rate based on estimate of the time involved.

Contact me via email or phone (201-741-9528) to arrange a consultation.

[/panel] [panel title=”A Note on Fees” ]

I am committed to low-cost low-fee investment strategies and efficient investment management methods, which keep more of your money earning returns in your account and growing over the long term.

This commitment is reflected in my efficient, low-cost .25% account management fee, which is a fraction of the typical 1.00% investment management fee charged annually by large, high-overhead firms.

Brokerage and Fund Expense Fees
In addition to my professional services and management fee, as an investor you will also pay brokerage fees directly to your account custodian per transaction and expense fees to the investment companies built into the cost of any funds or products in which you invest.

As part of my low-fee commitment, I use efficient low-cost exchange-traded funds, no-load mutual funds, low-fee insurance products, and low-cost brokerage services to keep your transaction costs down.

As custodians for your accounts, I use Scottrade or Vanguard, with costs ranging between $0 and $9 per transaction, depending on account size, the security issue, and custodian, both typically without annual account fees above certain account minimums. For portfolio construction, I use low-cost ETFs for broad market exposure, some with annual expenses lower than .10%. Compare this with large bank brokerages that charge $25 per transaction, and 1.00-3.00% annually for fees associated with proprietary mutual funds.

The net result of my efficient low management fee, low-cost brokerage services, and low-fee funds is that you will likely save thousands of dollars annually over typical big-firm high-cost funds and account management fees—money that you keep and which can grow significantly over time in your account.

If you have any question about fees and costs, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone (201-741-9528) anytime.

[/panel] [/accordion]