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’Tis the Season for Open Enrollment

In my last post, I listed some year-end housekeeping and tax items. It’s open enrollment season, so this post will cover items related to employer sponsored plans. Health insurance options and the ACA Top of mind this season, health insurance—many companies are replacing non-compliant health insurance plans. This may be your first time in a […]

Sorting Out Medicare Myths and Political Mystification

The political season has jumped Medicare to the top of the sound bite list for the moment. Medicare is a subject only a policy wonk can love, and the politicians are putting more than a little rhetorical gloss on the facts. While we wait for the rhetoric to die down and an actual policy discussion […]

Getting a Grip on Medigap Insurance for Medicare

Increasing healthcare expense is clearly a major concern for everyone, but especially for those nearing or in retirement. I’ve posted two useful guides to the Resources section of the LFA site for your reference, the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services 2012 guide to Choosing A Medigap Policy and a helpful Health Insurance Buyer’s […]

Early Retirement – Still A Brass Ring?

Like many things we long for, when the time finally comes, the idea of retirement turns out to be…complicated. And maybe no more so when it comes too early, and not totally by choice. Full retirement age (FRA) is now defined by Social Security as age 66. That age will probably be pushed out to […]

2011 AARP Medicare and Tri-State Social Security Fact Sheets

Arm yourself with some of the facts so you are better prepared to support viable choices this political season that have a direct impact on your current or planned retirement lifestyle. The two major federal transfer programs, Social Security and Medicare, are the central focus for federal budget reform as political campaigns heat up on […]