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Market Gyrations And Retirement Spending Volatility

Wall Street is selling wealth management by managing returns volatility when the vast majority of us probably need something else. Depending on where you are in the lifecycle, you likely will be better served managing savings or managing spending.

What Makes the Wheel Go Round

This is a fast-paced trip through the mechanics of the global economy—what makes the wheel go round. The animations are terrific and the tone is entertaining and informative. It quickly covers the whole economic landscape while revealing the hidden levers that underlie government debates and policy, debt, and the global economy. It’s all here—booms, busts, […]

Managing Systematic Risk within Your Lifetime Financial Plan

The financial services industry would have us believe that “the power of the right advisor” investing our savings will lead us to the financial promised land. In fact, investing is far from the most important factor in financial success—although the risk of investing poorly because of the powerful sway of a commissioned advisor can be […]

Managing a Lifetime of Risk, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Retirement

An old don from my school days was fond of quoting that life is just one damn thing after another. There’s a corollary too—life isn’t just one damn thing after another, it’s the same damn thing over and over. We’ll talk about the corollary in future posts when we tackle investing. For now, we’ll focus […]

Your Financial FrameworkFor Today and Tomorrow

Attend My Free Educational Financial and Retirement Planning Seminar! Wednesday May 9, 7:00 pm At the Ramsey Free Public Library 30 Wyckoff Ave, Ramsey, NJ  Early Career, Mid-Career, Nearing or Recently Retired: Lifetime planning, saving and investing. What should you be doing now? How much will you have? How much is enough? How can you make […]

Living Well Is The Best Revenge, But Where?

Bloomberg News reports NJ retains its crown as tops for national property taxes. The 2011 average was just over $7,750, up 20% since 2009, and 66% since 2001, though slowed to a 2.4% gain over 2o1o by a Christie 2 percent cap that went into effect last year. Inflation risk, along with market risk and […]

Rate On, Rate Off

The S&P 500 has been on a steady up-swing since the beginning of the year. The Treasury yield curve has also been slanting up, the long rate back up over 3% from a record low in December, as Treasuries begin to fall in price with money moving into equities. (See this nifty interactive historic yield […]