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Hope Springs Eternal

The failure of a well-known, experienced business journalist to successfully save and invest for his own retirement is boggling. You might say, without putting too fine a point on it, that the journalist, Joe Nocera of The New York Times, should have known better. He admits as much. He wrote a book, after all, back […]

Shaping a Prudent Investment Strategy

Last time we said that idle money loses value, so you need to put it to work. That’s why you invest, so your savings will grow in value over time. At today’s rates, the traditional safe methods, bank savings accounts, CDs, and money markets, offer negative real (after subtracting inflation) returns. In order to put […]

Why Wouldn’t You Play It Safe?

Sure, it’s only money, but it’s your money, and it isn’t getting any easier to get more of it. Zvi Bodie is a Boston U professor and advocate of risk-free retirement income and retirement planning. He and co-author Rachelle Taqqu have a new book out, Risk Less and Prosper, and he was interviewed recently by […]

How the Financial Services Industry Sees Retirement Readiness

January 27 Market Watch Retirement Weekly quotes these large financial services company executives on the state of retirement: [list style=”orb” color=”blue”] David Deming, Dimensional Retirement (Dimensional Funds): “First, we need to move the eligible age for Social Security payments to 69…Another beneficial change would be to alter the current  [FICA taxable] income limits from $100,000 to […]

Retirement Fund Recovery

The Urban Institute, which hosts a site dedicated to non-partisan retirement policy research, posted a year-end update of retirement account balances. Total retirement account balances fell about 31% or $2.7 trillion in Q1 2009, the market bottom of the recent financial crisis, from the pre-cash peak total in Q3 2008 of $8.7 trillion. The good […]