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Retirement Survey Says: Job Uncertainty, Retiring Later, and Lack of Planning

Here are some of the findings about most pressing issues, retiring later, retirement planning, and calculating vs guessing how much is needed for retirement from the 22nd annual Retirement Confidence Survey, from a recent Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA) presentation. The survey originated in 1991.     Job Uncertainty Top Concern for Workers and Retirees […]

Your Financial FrameworkFor Today and Tomorrow

Attend My Free Educational Financial and Retirement Planning Seminar! Wednesday May 9, 7:00 pm At the Ramsey Free Public Library 30 Wyckoff Ave, Ramsey, NJ  Early Career, Mid-Career, Nearing or Recently Retired: Lifetime planning, saving and investing. What should you be doing now? How much will you have? How much is enough? How can you make […]

Hope Springs Eternal

The failure of a well-known, experienced business journalist to successfully save and invest for his own retirement is boggling. You might say, without putting too fine a point on it, that the journalist, Joe Nocera of The New York Times, should have known better. He admits as much. He wrote a book, after all, back […]

Pre-retirement – Shifting Gears

In the 5-10 years before retirement you begin to shift gears. If you’ve been following a lifetime financial plan, by this time you should have a sizeable and growing investment account that’s spread across risky and less-risky assets in a way that is well suited to your goals and resources. Your investments are growing at […]

Financial Planning and Investment Strategy, Casual or Well-Organized?

Planning and saving—along with earning—are the steady legs of our financial lives. On the face of it, all three are basic, and simple. Earn money, save some, and plan how and when to spend it. For some, saving—investing—is as straightforward as buy low, sell high, or perhaps just keep it safe, somewhere secure, earning as […]

Why Wouldn’t You Play It Safe?

Sure, it’s only money, but it’s your money, and it isn’t getting any easier to get more of it. Zvi Bodie is a Boston U professor and advocate of risk-free retirement income and retirement planning. He and co-author Rachelle Taqqu have a new book out, Risk Less and Prosper, and he was interviewed recently by […]

Living Well Is The Best Revenge, But Where?

Bloomberg News reports NJ retains its crown as tops for national property taxes. The 2011 average was just over $7,750, up 20% since 2009, and 66% since 2001, though slowed to a 2.4% gain over 2o1o by a Christie 2 percent cap that went into effect last year. Inflation risk, along with market risk and […]

How the Financial Services Industry Sees Retirement Readiness

January 27 Market Watch Retirement Weekly quotes these large financial services company executives on the state of retirement: [list style=”orb” color=”blue”] David Deming, Dimensional Retirement (Dimensional Funds): “First, we need to move the eligible age for Social Security payments to 69…Another beneficial change would be to alter the current  [FICA taxable] income limits from $100,000 to […]

2011 AARP Medicare and Tri-State Social Security Fact Sheets

Arm yourself with some of the facts so you are better prepared to support viable choices this political season that have a direct impact on your current or planned retirement lifestyle. The two major federal transfer programs, Social Security and Medicare, are the central focus for federal budget reform as political campaigns heat up on […]

HSA’s and Taxes

One of the age-old myths of retirement planning is that your taxes will be so much less when you’re retired that they will not be as serious a planning issue as when you were working. This has certainly been part of the selling of 401k/403b and IRA tax-deferred accounts. There are, however, a few tax-traps […]